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Will building with concrete cost me more?

How ICFs Work

Whether you're looking for a new concrete home, foundation or just looking to update your concrete surfaces we're here to help you every step of the way. 



Scott McNeill Enterprises LLC has been around since 1993, so we really mean it when we say we're here to help you. 

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Whether building a new home or putting an addition onto your existing home, the high performance of BuildBlock ICFs will provide you with significant reductions in energy consumption and emissions while providing a stronger, quieter and more comfortable home. 

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The model below shows how the walls of your home look when you build with ICFs. The blocks are stacked to the height of your walls, reinforced with steel rebar, filled with concrete and then brick, stucco, rock or siding is attached to the outside.

On the inside, your plumbing and electrical are run through the foam itself after the walls are poured. Drywall, plaster or stucco is attached to the inside, then finished with trim, flooring and other finishes.

Your choice of exterior materials is then attached to the outside. In the end, your home looks like any other, but performs 1000% better!

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Why build with BuildBlock Building Systems?

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BuildBlock Building Systems provides a highly energy efficient alternative to wood-frame structures. Imagine a perfectly regulated temperature in your home year round, with lower utility costs. A concrete home built with BuildBlock ICFs will offer just that. Traditional wood-frame construction can't compare to the safety, permanence and energy efficiency of walls build with insulating concrete forms.

While energy savings of 10-15% can be achieved by improving appliances, lighting, and HVAC equipment, there is no doubt that more significant savings must start with improvements to the building envelope.

Increasing the insulation values and tightening up the thermal envelope is the most effective and durable approach. This has been proven time and again with advanced building systems, such as BuildBlock ICFs.

Additional savings for building with green materials can be achieved through government incentive programs. These can be viewed at Click here:


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It's a great time to build with ICF! High lumber costs now contribute to ICF construction actually being a cost SAVINGS over traditional wood construction. Additionally, ICF homes have a smaller HVAC requirement, energy-efficient tax breaks, and lower utility bills. Wood structures can be built with high energy- efficiency ratings, but they cannot achieve the same low level of air infiltration or thermal mass that ICF walls provide. ICFs also resist natural disasters like fire, earthquakes, tornadoes, high winds and hurricanes unlike wood structures. Peace of mind for your family!

Because ICF walls feature thicker unbroken layers of insulation and the mass of concrete, they provide much better energy performance than conventional wood-frame construction. Savings will vary by climate with the inherent thermal mass benefits having more impact in warmer locations and the added insulation being more critical in colder areas.